headshots of an aspiring young model in washington dc

headshot of a teen model wearing a yellow striped tank top smiling headshot of a teen model with blonde hair and green blouse  headshot of a teen model in tank top 3/4 profile smiling

I had the pleasure to take photos of this young teen model who came to my studio with her mom. they wanted some pictures to send to modeling agencies. she already had an active lifestyle. she was taking dance classes so it wasn’t hard to make her feel comfortable in front of the camera.

clothes in model photography should be flattering. they should show the girl’s silhouette and height. that way, at a glance an agent can determine if you have what it takes to be a model. barring wearing swimsuit, the best outfits are slim fitting tank top, skinny jeans, yoga pants or shorts that can show your legs. colors should be muted so as not to take away from you. as far as poses, they need not be trendy as the whole purpose is to show your assets. not be distracting.

if you’re seeking agency representation, to be considered for editorial modeling, requirements are: a slim figure, a height of at least 5’8”, a flat stomach and straight legs. starting out at an early age is good because as heidi klum put it ‘models comes with an expiration date’. for headshots, the features of the face that can help sell you are equally important. on top of the list is good skin. then bone structure. other things to consider are good proportions, beautiful eyes and teeth, overall healthy look and that certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ that is referred to as ‘it look’ (teen vogue).

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