portrait photography that reveals the best in you

portrait of an executive woman in washington dc in natural light

when you want flattering headshots, you know you need a photographer focused on you. sharpfocus is a washington dc portrait photographer with a simple mission. to give you fine portraiture that reveal the inner you. from the minute you step into the studio, you are the center of attention. every effort is made to make you feel relaxed so that posing comes natural to you, displaying your real character.

video testimonial by tom, after a photo session in the studio
portrait of a black lady in black slip dress in diffused lighting portrait of an indian lady standing in blue jeans and pink shirt portrait of a black female author for book cover bio portrait of a black woman with makeup for makeover portrait of a black woman for self promotion portrait of a break dancer in checkered sleeveless shirt portrait black woman with bright red lipstick smiling portrait of a russian woman in dark suit and red shirt with a smile portrait of a white lady with dark blouse portrait of a hispanic lady with beauty makeup and bright smile portrait of a plus-size model wearing a red blouse and a scarf smiling portrait of a young black model wearing a hat portrait of a middle aged white man with blue suit and burgundy bow tie portrait of a black man wearing a dark shirt and a black hat looking at the camera portrait of a handsome hispanic man wearing a suit and looking at the camera

you need  a photographer who talks to you to see how to get a portrait that reflects your personality. that personal attention and little details dispel the angst that can ruin your photos. in a portrait you want a flattering image of yourself. people photograph better when they’re not aware that a camera is pointed at them. each client is welcomed to the studio with an informal conversation. this helps them find their comfort zone. If you stand or sit in front of a photographer who’s very friendly, you warm up and look natural. you get to review the pictures that are actually being taken. that way that you can try to improve upon them. to make it easier, you don’t even have to come to a studio. based on experience, people are more at ease in a friendly surrounding. so if you prefer to have your photos taken at home or in your office, we can come to you. that will give you the chance to select the backdrop and props that relates to you. that will make the experience even more personal.

sharpfocus photography – a washington dc portrait photographer that lets you see the picture!