photo retouching

if you’re doing headshots or portraits, you will expect no less than a few blemishes on your photographs. you’ll be better of dealing with a photographer who has a good command of photo retouching to make you look like you, not anybody else. basic photo touchup is included in all sharpfocus photography packages. if you wants to look like more than who you are, adding a little glamour to your pictures will help.

basic retouching

at sharpfocus you don’t have to pay a lot to look good. basic retouching is standard with any photography package. all the work is done in house, unlike most photographers who rely on a photoshop wizard to work his miracle. so you get great photos without having to wait. a photographer with a good understanding of lighting can make sure that his camera captures the perfect shot. almost. some minor skin imperfections will be evened out in post-production.

touch up in photoshop - common issues are eyebags skin blemishes and flyaway hair

the most common issue with headshots is eyebags

touch up in photoshop - removing blemishes in under eye bags

eyebags are removed and little skin blemishes are smoothed

touch up in photoshop - hair removal

bonus is removing hair to add glamour to a plain picture

beauty retouching

basic touch up is limited to exposure compensation, color correction and removing skin blemishes. beauty retouching goes beyond. you get in-depth skin smoothing, fly-away and object removal, corrective digital makeup and skin tone matching. most of this work requires some full command of photoshop. you also need some basic understanding of color and design. if the shoot was done without a makeup artist you may need to digitally correct imperfections. a multi step process is applied to make the picture flawless. charges apply for this type of service.

photoshop touchup - corrective retouching

beauty retouching starts with editing some facial features

hotoshop touchup - squeezing nose, closing lips etc..

a little squeeze with liquefy can adjust a nose close lips…

photoshop touchup - facial hair removal

removing facial hair can add grace to a woman’s headshot.

black & white photography still has a romantic feel to it. dealing with a photogeapher who has background in film photography is helpful. you know that your digital images will be handled with the utmost care to give you the very best results. you will take home digitally converted black and white photographs that will blow you away. a lot of people using digital cameras don’t know how color relates to black and white. if you just change mode from color to black & white in photoshop, you end up with very dull images. I can produce images that are very close to what you get from black & white film in the digital lab. if you want to capture the romantic feel of black & white photography in your portraits, sharpfocus photography will wow you.