casual business headshots

casual business headshot of a man with chin resting on his hand

one afternoon this past summer, a guy called me who said he wanted casual business headshots in an outdoors setting. he had bought a voucher from a promo that I was running with living social. it was thursday so I told him we could schedule something for the coming week.  he said he needed headshots for business […]

makeover portrait of a lady from takoma park dc

makeover portrait of a black lady in orange tunic

  I don’t often shoot portrait photography. Not that I don’t wanna do them but simply because most of the requests that I get are for headshots. of course some people are gonna tell you that headshots are portraits but I won’t argue the point. since I’ve been in business, I think that it’s been […]

actor headshots: studio or location?

headshot of an actor in blue jacket and light background

if you’re thinking of having some headshots for castings, you may have weighed the options: studio or on location. though it may not be critical, it’s sometimes worth asking which is better for increasing chances of getting an audition. the answer is not clear-cut. some photographers prefer shooting in studio because of the control that it gives. but there are no distinct differences […]

what to wear for headshots

choosing what to wear to shoot

‘what do you want me to wear?’ or ‘what type of clothes shall I bring?’ have been questions prospective clients sometimes ask me prior to booking a photography session. if you’re having headshots taken, either for personal reasons or business, the focus is on your face. so anything you wear, use as a prop or the […]