photo shoot of an editorial male model

picture of a male model shirtless wearing shorts picture of a male model wearing a blue checkered shirt and yellow shorts standing picture of a male model pressing his hands on his head headshot of a male model smiling picture of a male model in blue suit and red tie standing looking down picture of a male model with blue checkered shirt and yellow shorts

this guy is an aspiring editorial model from new jersey who recently relocated to washington dc and he wanted to shoot model pictures to send to agencies for consideration. tall good looking handsome guy. he had some idea that he could be a model. I offered to share some of what I know about posing and photo submissions to the top modeling agencies.

I told him that I was just a photographer, but I could give him some guidance as to which poses are good. I always give male models gq as a reference for posing, though sometimes what you see there is too edgy, to say the least.
he had a few changes of clothes from sporty looking to business casual and a suit and tie. as usual, I took over a 100 photos changing lighting, giving him guidance as we moved along and he seemed to enjoy it. finish shoot. send him link. he made his choice very promptly and I touched them up. burn cd. mail.

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