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headshot of a model in black dress running her hands in her hair

sharpfocus specializes in model photography that helps you get noticed by modeling agencies.  a lot of times, people confuse model and fashion photography. though related, they’re not the same. while fashion focuses on making clothes desirable, a model photographer should focus on the you. your photos are meant to show that you have what it takes to be a model: the look, the height and the body shape. so going overboard with fancy makeup, hair styling and wardrobe will not be of much help. that’s why sharpfocus follows the specs of the agencies you want to submit your pictures to. so you know you’ll get noticed. (continue below…)

video behind the scenes photo shoot with elaina, model in washington dc

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headshot of a model with blonde curly hair and blue eyes and light makeup headshot of an ethiopian model with natural beauty headshot of a young aspiring model 3/4 profile in dramatic light picture of a model in tank tops and cutoff jeans shorts - sharpfocus model photography dc headshot of a black model with makeup standing in black dress smiling picture of an aspiring teen model standing - sharpfocus model photography dc

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whether you’re a female, male or teen model, you’re guaranteed to get pictures that show your best looks. the focus is on showing your best assets in the best angles. with a mix of head shots, half body shots and full body shots, you get everything that agencies need to see if you’re going to make the cut.  a lot of aspiring models look for photographers to build their portfolios. you need to think of your shoot as a way to show people that you have a fashion look, good skin, and that your vital statistics meet the requirements. you cannot develop a portfolio before any agency is interested in you. once you get represented, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to work with photographers to help you develop your book.

sharpfocus photography helps you make the right choices by focusing on achieving your goals. you will not waste your money on snapshots that you will be the only one to see. the photo shoot is in a friendly and relaxed studio. you get good hints on the right modeling poses to show your figure in the best angles. sharpfocus knows the look that the major agencies want. if you’re looking for a photographer in washington dc for a model shoot sharpfocus is a good option. you will get off to a good star without wasting money.