fashion vs model photographer part 1

picture of a model standing with flower dress

people think that model and fashion photography are the same but they’re very different. both fashion and model photographers shoot models but the similarities stop there.  in this two-part article, we’re going to examine what makes them different. first, let’s look at model photography.

a model starting out, needs to advertise her skill to potential employers. if you want an agency to consider you, you can visit them, if you’re in the same location. if you’re lucky, a scout may find you. the other option is to send pictures. you don’t absolutely need to send professional headshots but it can help. in the old days you would do fine sending polaroids of yourself to be considered. these days, an iphone picture would do just fine. the only thing that a photographer brings in, is his expertise. a photographer who does model photo shoots, knows what agencies are looking for. he will make sure that the photographs he takes follows their guidelines. before a single snapshot is taken, he can offer you consultation to determine if you have what it takes to be a model. the purpose of the photographs is to ‘sell’ you. so the focus is on your figure and facial features. you cannot take modeling photos shrouded in piles of clothes. a girl just needs to wear some form-fitting clothes like a tank top and jeans to give a good idea of a her figure.

the fashion industry is always looking for fresh faces. contrary to popular belief, a model doesn’t have to be beautiful. attractive is good enough but you have to have the look they’re going after.  that’s why your headshots should reveal your most important facial features: eyes, lips, cheekbones… the ‘fashion’ look is something that hard to define. looks change according to trends but if you have it, that gives you extra chance. another important aspect is posing. good poses can show comfort in front of the camera. some poses stress some part of a model’s physique, like a flat stomach, long straight legs, etc…

after the shots are taken, it also helps to know which agencies to send them to, and what their guidelines are. a good photographer will follow up by providing links to leading agencies’ websites or any other contact info. there are quite a few websites where models can get more industry related info. best of all, the photographer can help you steer away from all the shady outfits out there ready to prey on innocent victims. the rate that most photographers charge is minimal. considering the benefits, it can be written off as the cost to launching your modeling career.

websites where you can get more info about models, photographers and agencies are:
fashion model directory
modelmayhem is a very popular website where models and photographers can network but there are not many opportunities to get paid photo shoots.