headshots of a real estate agent from christie’s

headshot of a female realtor from christie's in a classy pose looking at the camera smiling

in the first months after I opened my studio, I had a man who needed corporate headshots for his real estate business. then I thought that I could be shooting headshots for real estate agents. years passed until this lady walked into my studio. she told me that she was working for a real estate company. kadri […]

need to rethink corporate headshots

business headshot of a man in blue suit arms folded

when I started in the photography business, I wanted to do something different. corporate headshots, in my mind, usually brought up images of stiff people in grey suits and boring poses. the world has changed a lot in the past decades. yesterday’s rebels are today’s executives. after going through so many changes, social standards have been relaxed. the […]

corporate headshots of a young professional in dc

business casual headshot of a young professional in 3/4 profile

chris is a young executive who needed a photographer in washington dc to do some corporate headshots. he had decided to go for a business casual style rather than formal. the goal was to capture the image of a young professional who looks friendly, energetic and really someone you can build rapport with instantly. we […]

headshots of a professional dancer in washington dc

business headshot of a dancer choreographer in dc

  I was expecting a client who had booked a shoot for headshots. as I was heading to the elevator a young lady passed me by, I got the feeling that it was her. we had exchanged emails just to confirm the date but I hadn’t met her. it was only during the initial consultation that […]

business headshots on your terms

business headshot of a female executive in washington dc wearing a dark blue suit

I receive a message from a lady who said she needed business headshots the next day. when a client requests a scheduling date, that’s an indication they had decided to book a shoot with you. she inquired if I had any availability on feb 14 or 15. I knew the 15 wouldn’t work well with me. I […]

headshots of a female real estate broker in dc

corporate headshot of a female executive in suit smiling

I was on another call when someone attempted to reach me. they left me a message with a number to call. they said they were interested in corporate headshots pricing. I returned the call and the lady who responded confirmed that her assistant called and left a message. we were inching toward spring but it was […]

headshots for a freelance writer and author

picture of a freelance writer casually dressed in black tank top and blue jeans

patti is a freelance writer who found sharpfocus photography through google. she was looking for some professional headshots for her author bio as a freelance writer. she also needed some dressier style portraits for personal use. so we went from business casual style to dressy evening look. she had requested makeup, so I contacted a makeup artist whose […]

business headshots for job application

business headshot of a law student in dark jacket and tie looking at the camera smiling

this law students in washington dc needed business headshots for a job application. it’s a standard in a profession where you need to look credible. as they step into the corporate world they find themselves in many situations where a headshot is required. apparently, the issue that he’s been having with dc photographers is that ‘nobody’s […]

professional headshots of an interior designer

headshot of an interior designer in dark grey jacket and black sweater for promotional use

these headshots of an interior designer and window treatment specialist are taken from a photo session including some promotional pictures and product photos for use on her website. it started as a web  design project but like most visual merchandising, quality of the pictures is essential in positioning the product. I advised client to take […]

professional business headshots for healthcare

headshot of a healthcare professional in a dark suit and pink blouse smiling

maria is a healthcare professional who needed new business headshots for her job. she said she wanted great pictures but also didn’t want to spend a lot of money. I told her that unlike some photographers in washington dc, we charge reasonable prices. our focus was on providing you with a great experience. since she is in […]