headshots of a female real estate broker in dc

corporate headshot of a female dc broker wearing a casual dark camisole corporate headshot of a female executive in suit smiling headshot of an executive woman in a casual shirt smiling

I was on another call when someone attempted to reach me. they left me a message with a number to call. they said they were interested in corporate headshots pricing. I returned the call and the lady who responded confirmed that her assistant called and left a message. we were inching toward spring but it was still cold.

I later learned that she’s a corporate executive working for real estate brokerage firm in washington dc. she wanted the pictures as soon as possible. I wasn’t busy at the time so I could book a shoot on short notice. she picked a thursday and as for the time, 12 noon was fine with both of us. it snowed the day before so winter wasn’t going away without a fight. I usually arrive early to a shoot. there’s always some anxiety over whether client will show up, will arrive late…

as I was studying the lighting setup, she just popped up. hand shake. introductions. I took her hanger and placed it on a rack. I don’t like backgrounds with patterns but some people seem to love them. when I offered her a choice, she promptly picked a white background, which to me suits many situations.

I do a short session, explaining what is expected of the shoot and what client can do to help make it a success. relax. smile. be friendly. we picked up the pace very fast. she wore a light blue jacket and a white striped shirt. you see how hard it’s sometimes to smile when you’re forcing yourself. but with a little practice. smile. smile. click. click. click. after a while it starts getting funny. so the smile comes natural.

I promised to send her link to the images by day’s end. next day, she’s already made her selection. I touched them up promptly and she was ok to get them through email. she got great headshots at reasonable prices. she sent me email thanking me for ‘making it painless’. yes, the camera doesn’t bite.

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