business headshots on your terms

business-headshot_5669I receive a message from a lady with the subject ‘business headshots’. when a client requests a scheduling date, that’s an indication that they had decided to book a shoot with you. she inquired if I had any availability on feb 14 or 15. I knew the 15 wouldn’t work well with me. I didn’t ask what type of headshots she wanted but with all these years you’d wake me up in the middle of the night with a camera I’d do a shoot and do it right. I require a deposit to book a photo shoot. I always like to arrive early to a shoot so I can wind down while waiting for the client. I usually either call client in the morning or send an email to confirm with a phone number to call in case something happens. I failed to do that this time, so when the clock clicked past 12 and client hadn’t shown up, mind starts racing. what was interesting with this client is that she wanted her headshots on short notice. she’s a business consultant who had a speaking engagement and the event organizers requested a headshot. since she was on linkedin, she thought she could use some professional headshots on her profile. she told me that she had contacted other photographers in the dc area but was put off by the type of reception she got. not at sharpfocus my friend. stepping into a studio for the first time can be a little intimidating. to take good pictures you need to feel relaxed. warm up first. I’m not sure if I’m more expert at photography or at entertaining clients so they get their minds off a camera invading their privacy. we had a quick session with few lighting changes. she wore a navy blue business suit that was appropriate for this type of pictures. after we shot close to a hundred pictures she found quite a few that she liked. I wanted to take more pictures but she thought that she had enough to choose from. since it was early in the afternoon, I promised to send her a link to the images in late afternoon. she was very happy and paid me with a hefty tip. thank you! she just chose a couple of pictures for her two requirements. I touched them up in photoshop the same evening and sent her the finished pictures. not everybody is tech savvy enough to upload pictures to social media, especially if they’re sent high resolution files. I made some low resolution versions of the pictures that I sent along. she had her pictures in time to be published for the event and in time to dress up her linkedin profile. that’s what I call having your business headshots on your terms.