actor headshots: studio or location?

headshot of an actor in blue jacket and light background

if you’re contemplating having some actor’s headshots for castings, you may have wondered whether you should have them taken in a studio or on location. in my many years of experience as a photographer, I cannot remember when I was ever asked such a question. I guess it must be a low priority to most people whether […]

headshots of an aspiring actor

headshot of an aspiring actor with a paper

click for more on actors headshots thomas is a versatile artist who told me that he needed some headshots for acting. since his look wasn’t quite dramatic he could only be featured in advertisements, in tv roles or as a movie extra. I met him when he was working on his website but I didn’t know he wanted […]

black model with afro and ethnic look

picture of model with exotic look wearing wide legged pants and bra

sonyja rivera is a black model with a beautiful afro look that I contacted through model mayhem. I wanted to do take ethnic model pictures with some dramatic lighting.  I had a makeup artist who was willing to work with me on the project. sonyja is a dark skinned slim model just shy of 5’8” with […]

young aspiring asian model


headshots and pictures of an asian model in the dc area who loves fashion and with exceptional posing skills. Soon after moving into Georgetown, I needed to find new models to work with to build my portfolio. I contacted a few models from coach models and this young asian aspiring model responded. At this point […]

edgy ethiopian model with curly hair

picture of a model with curly hair holding glasses close to her face

I can’t remember how I found this ethiopian model with curly hair and great looks. she’s an edgy model with  a slim figure though a little shy of the required 5’.8” for editorial modeling. the pictures on her profile weren’t that great. I didn’t tell her but I thought that I could take much better model photography. after […]

acting headshots of a young man in dc

acting headshot of a man with white shirt with his head tilted and a curious look

click for more info on actor’s headshots this young man had just relocated to washington dc and was looking to get some actor’s headshots to take to casting calls. he booked a photo shoot on a september month hot on the heels of a slow august. though chances to pick up film roles are limited in dc, productions […]

headshots of a female real estate broker in dc

headshot of an executive woman in a casual shirt smiling

click to see more samples I was on another call when someone attempted to reach me. they left me a message with a number to call because they were interested in corporate head shots pricing. I returned the call and the lady who responded confirmed that her assistant called and left a message. we were […]

headshots for a freelance writer and author

professional headshot of a female freelance author for writer's bio

click to view more samples patti is a freelance writer who found sharpfocus photography through google in her quest for headshots for her author bio as a freelance writer with a mix of dressier style portraits for personal use. so we went from business casual to dressy evening look. she had requested makeup, so I […]

business portraits for job application

business headshot of a law student in dark jacket and tie looking at the camera smiling

click to see more samples this law students in dc needed business portraits for a job application. it’s a standard in a profession where you need to look credible. as they step into the corporate world they find themselves in many situations where a headshot is required. apparently, the issue that he’s been having with dc […]

professional headshots of an interior designer

headshot of an interior designer in dark grey jacket and black sweater for promotional use

click to see more examples of business headshots these headshots of an interior designer and window treatment specialist are taken from a photo session including some promotional pictures and product photos for use on her website. it started as a web  design project but like most visual merchandising, quality of the pictures is essential in positioning […]