promotional headshots of dancer/choreographer


I was expecting a client who had booked a shoot for headshots. as I was heading to the elevator a young lady passed me by, I got the feeling that it was my client. we had exchanged emails just to confirm the date. it was only during the initial consultation that she told me that [...]

photo shoot with an african model

chuchu is a beautiful slim African model. she doesn’t look tall but she’s a standard 5’.8”. she contacted me a year before to do a shoot. she already had in mind the look and pose that she wanted for her pictures and brought her laptop to show them. I was impressed! before the shoot I [...]

actor’s headshots of an old woman

I was very pleased to get a call from a lady from new york about actor’s headshots rates. she was traveling to washington dc and wanted to inquire about my availability  on that saturday. she needed headshots update and could use her trip to dc to book a shoot. so I realized that dc was [...]

shooting the almost perfect actor’s headshot

close-up headshot of a black male actor in dc

I hadn’t done any consultation in a long while. so when I received an email from charles requesting one before doing headshots, I was somewhat surprised. my experience offering consultation wasn’t very great. I told the guy that if he was an actor there wasn’t really any need for him to schedule a consultation. he [...]

business headshots on your terms


I receive a message from a lady with the subject ‘business headshots’. when a client requests a scheduling date, that’s an indication that they had decided to book a shoot with you. she inquired if I had any availability on feb 14 or 15. I knew the 15 wouldn’t work well with me. I didn’t [...]

need to rethink corporate headshots

sample corporate headshot featuring a real estate agent

corporate headshots in the mind of people usually conjure up images of stiff, stuck up people in grey suits, framed in decorum and hanging on austere walls. that distorted image has been perpetuated by decades of showing people in dark suit in stiff and boring poses. the world has changed a lot in the past [...]

modeling pictures for agency submissions

picture of a tall model with white shirt and jeans shorts

there is a lot of confusion about model photography. more often than not aspiring models contact me about their needs to develop a portfolio. as a model photographer, of course your job is to take pictures of models but as a service provider, there’s a need to educate people so that they can make better [...]

miss black america dc promotional model shoot

picture of a miss black america dc 2012

I hadn’t done any shoots with a promotional model in a long while. commercial photography is fun but after a while it gets repetitive. so when I received email  from amina gilyard inquiring if I would be willing to do a shoot with her, I thought it would be a good opportunity to break out [...]

what to wear for headshots

choosing what to wear to shoot

what to wear or what not to wear has been a questions prospective clients sometimes ask me prior to a photo shoot. I used to scratch my chin until I started thinking about it. if you’re having a photo shoot, either for personal reasons or business, the subject is you. so anything you wear, use [...]

photo shoot of a male model

I got a call from this client who wanted to book a photo shoot session. unlike most of my clients who found me through google, he told me that he found about sharpfocus from an ad that I placed on craigslist. he said that he wanted to do a male model photo shoot. I scratched [...]