photo shoot of a male model in dc

I got a call from this male model who needed a photographer to take some pictures. unlike most of my clients who found me through google, he told me that he found about sharpfocus from an ad that I placed on craigslist. he said that he wanted to do a glam fashion photo shoot. I scratched my head […]

makeover portrait of a lady from takoma park dc

makeover portrait of a black lady in orange tunic

  I don’t often shoot portrait photography. Not that I don’t wanna do them but simply because most of the requests that I get are for headshots. of course some people are gonna tell you that headshots are portraits but I won’t argue the point. since I’ve been in business, I think that it’s been […]

photo shoot of an editorial male model

picture of a male model pressing his hands on his head

this guy is an aspiring editorial model from new jersey who recently relocated to washington dc and he wanted to shoot model pictures to send to agencies for consideration. tall good looking handsome guy. he had some idea that he could be a model. I offered to share some of what I know about posing […]

photo shoot with blonde hair model in dc

beauty shot of a russian model with dramatic eye makeup

I had been trying to do a model photo shoot with makeup. I was also looking for a model with great looks. I had just moved my studio to Georgetown and I needed to beef up my portfolio. I checked in my friends’ list to see if I could contact one makeup artist. I checked […]

shooting male model headshots in washington dc

half body shot of a male model in white t-shirt standing

jeff can be considered the first male model paying for my services. before that most male models think that they’re doing you a favor by posing for your photography. an aspiring model has to set their priorities. if being a model in Washington dc is your highest goal, that’s fine. but if you want to […]

headshots of a black male model in washington dc

picture of a black male model in washington dc in a casual pose

headshots of a black male model with good looks and great ability to pose. matt is another young model who found sharpfocus photography through google and wanted to book a shoot for headshots. at the time I wasn’t available to shoot so we finally met a month later and it was his time to shine. at […]

fashion model portfolio shoot with elaina

blonde model in edgy pose for fashion modeling portfolio

I like model photography over other types of photography. but few models think it’s alright to pay a photographer for pictures. elaina is a beautiful blonde model with nice shape and great smile. she contacted me to book a model portfolio shoot. apparently she went to my website and liked my pictures. we had to postpone […]

model portfolio shoot with an african model

beauty shot of a model with makeup and colorful feathers on her hair for model portfolio

chuchu is a beautiful slim African model. she doesn’t look tall but she’s a standard 5’.8”. she contacted me a year before to do a shoot for her modeling portfolio. she already had in mind the look and pose that she wanted for her pictures and brought her laptop to show them. I was impressed! […]

young aspiring model for agency submissions

headshot of a teen model wearing a yellow striped tank top smiling

I had the pleasure to photograph this aspiring young model who came to my studio with her mom to take some modeling pictures to send to agencies. she already has an active lifestyle and is taking dance classes so it wasn’t hard to make her feel comfortable in front of the camera. for model photography clothes should […]

headshots of a real estate agent from christie’s

headshot of a female realtor from christie's in a classy pose looking at the camera smiling

in the first months after I opened my studio, I had a realtor who needed corporate headshots for his business cards. then I thought that I could be shooting headshots for real estate agents. years passed until this lady walked into my studio. she told me that she was working for a real estate company. […]