all you need to know about actor headshots and resumes

headshot of an actor with exotic hairstyle

if you’re a seasoned actor, you’ve already had (many) headshots. if you went to drama school also, you certainly must have enough info about the requirements and even recommendations for photographers in your area who specialize in actors’ headshots. but there are some people who have a knack for acting and want to try a few […]

headshots of a theatre actress in dc

headshot of a woman actor in washington dc with a funny look

kisha allure is a theatre actress in washington dc who wanted to take actor’s headshots. she contacted me on a wednesday telling me she needed to submit the pictures to a casting call in new york the coming weekend. we had to book the photo session the following day because time was running out. we started the shoot late because […]

casual business headshots

casual business headshot of a man with chin resting on his hand

one afternoon this past summer, a guy called me who said he wanted casual business headshots in an outdoors setting. he had bought a voucher from a promo that I was running with living social. it was thursday so I told him we could schedule something for the coming week.  he said he needed headshots for business […]

headshots of young promising actor in dc

headshot of a young actor in blue shirt smiling

woman calls me asking if I do headshots for casting. she told me that she was looking for a photographer for an upcoming audition. one of the questions she asked me was how long I had been doing headshots. clients check a few photographers and at the time they contact you, they still they have […]

headshots of a woman for opera audition

actor's headshot of a woman for opera audition

  after over a week in the doldrums I was pleasantly surprised to receive payment notification from paypal. when someone pays a deposit before contacting you, it means that they’ve already decided that you’re the right photographer for the job. she followed up with another email confirming she needed actors headshots and requested makeup. I responded […]

top modeling agencies and how to submit pictures

black model with curly hair wearing a black dress with hands on waist

   as a photographer I w often work with models. they are often at a loss where to turn when it comes to submitting pictures to modeling agencies. as a service below is a list of some of the top ones. this article used to be a long page with all of the top agencies in new york listed. for […]

photo shoot of a male model in dc

picture of a male model in nude torso looking at the camera

I got a call from this male guy who needed a photographer in dc who shoots models to take some snapshots. unlike most of my clients who found me through google, he told me that he found about sharpfocus from an ad that I placed on craigslist. he said that he wanted to do a glam fashion photo […]

makeover portrait of a lady from takoma park dc

makeover portrait of a black lady in orange tunic

  I don’t often shoot portrait photography. Not that I don’t wanna do them but simply because most of the requests that I get are for headshots. of course some people are gonna tell you that headshots are portraits but I won’t argue the point. since I’ve been in business, I think that it’s been […]

photo shoot of an editorial male model

picture of a male model pressing his hands on his head

this guy is an aspiring editorial model from new jersey who recently relocated to washington dc and he wanted to shoot model pictures to send to agencies for consideration. tall good looking handsome guy. he had some idea that he could be a model. I offered to share some of what I know about posing […]

shooting male model headshots in washington dc

headshot of a male model in pondering mood

jeff can be considered the first guy paying for my services. before that most male models think that they’re doing you a favor by posing for you as a photographer. to go into modeling, you have to set priorities. if being spotted in fashion shows in Washington dc is your highest goal, that’s fine. but if you […]