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actors headshots - young woman in dc for opera audition

are you an actor looking for great great headshots for an upcoming audition and having trouble finding a photographer in washington dc? with over 10 years in photography and a solid background in portraits, sharpfocus photography has the expertise to take the shots that reveal your character and get you closer to an audition. I work with actors with one single goal in mind: taking photographs of you that will pop and get you noticed when you submit your pictures to a casting agent. (continue below…)

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headshot of a child actress in dc leaning her head looking at the camera headshot of an actor in dc squinting in the sun headshot of an actress in dc in 3/4 profile looking at the camera headshot of a young actress outdoors smiling headshot of a young actor in dc with intense look headshot of an actress in dc with glasses

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I follow the tips from casting agencies on how to take actor head shots that can get their attention. a director considering you for a role for film or theater, looks at your pictures to see if they reveal your character. so, don’t go for a mugshot. your headshot should say something about you. first, you need to feel relaxed. then express something with your eyes, your smile. let the viewer be able to peek into your mind and get intrigued. you need to let the image scream so insistently that they wanna grab the phone and call you.

your headshot is about you. nobody else. sharpfocus photography helps you in this self-discovery journey by capturing the inner you. you look at the camera but act like it does not exist. you’re in your world. a world without boundaries. when you feel that way, you are the real you. you look composed and it shows in your snapshots. it’s about you. it’s about your face and the story that it tells. you should look like who you are – including your flaws. your headshot should show your present look, with minimal makeup and basic retouching.

sharpfocus photography strives to show you as you are – natural. just you. the photo session lasts one hour and you get over 100 great shots that you could not top by using a renowned photographer , at a much heftier price. your problem will be ‘oh my gosh, I have so many great ones to choose from!’. but ‘it’s a good problem to have’.

if you’re looking for a photographer in dc to shoot your actor’s headshots for an audition, sharpfocus may be your ticket to an audition.

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