all you need to know about actor headshots and resumes

headshot of an actor with exotic hairstyle

if you’re a seasoned actor, you’ve already had (many) headshots. if you went to drama school also, you certainly must have enough info about the requirements and even recommendations for photographers in your area who specialize in actors’ headshots. but there are some people who have a knack for acting and want to try a few […]

headshots of a theatre actress in dc

headshot of a woman actor in washington dc with a funny look

kisha allure is a theatre actress in washington dc who wanted to take actor’s headshots. she contacted me on a wednesday telling me she needed to submit the pictures to a casting call in new york the coming weekend. we had to book the photo session the following day because time was running out. we started the shoot late because […]

headshots of young promising actor in dc

headshot of a young actor in blue shirt smiling

woman calls me asking if I do headshots for casting. she told me that she was looking for a photographer for an upcoming audition. one of the questions she asked me was how long I had been doing headshots. clients check a few photographers and at the time they contact you, they still they have […]

headshots of a woman for opera audition

actor's headshot of a woman for opera audition

  after over a week in the doldrums I was pleasantly surprised to receive payment notification from paypal. when someone pays a deposit before contacting you, it means that they’ve already decided that you’re the right photographer for the job. she followed up with another email confirming she needed actors headshots and requested makeup. I responded […]

headshots of a black male actor in dc

headshot of a black actor in white t-shirt with a broad smile

in the early days of opening a photography studio in nw washington dc, I had the chance to do a shoot for this promising young black actor who wanted some actors headshots for casting calls. he explained to me that he needed basic headshots for acting as well as regular pictures for his business as a real estate agent. […]

actor headshots: studio or location?

headshot of an actor in blue jacket and light background

if you’re thinking of having some headshots for castings, you may have weighed the options: studio or on location. though it may not be critical, it’s sometimes worth asking which is better for increasing chances of getting an audition. the answer is not clear-cut. some photographers prefer shooting in studio because of the control that it gives. but there are no distinct differences […]

actor’s headshots of a young man in dc

headshot of a young actor with white shirt leaning his head playfully

this young man had just relocated to washington dc and was looking to get some actor’s headshots to take to casting calls. he booked a photo shoot on a september month hot on the heels of a slow august. though chances to pick up film roles are limited in dc, productions always need actors for movie […]

actor head shots of a black teen in dc

actor head shot of a black teen actor wearing a light blue shirt with a straight look

a young black teen contacted me to book a photo shoot for actor’s headshots. he studies theater arts at howard university in washington dc. it came at a time I hadn’t  shot any actors  in a while. he came to the studio with a lady and they said the pictures were needed for upcoming auditions. after brief […]

headshots of a female actor in la

acting headshot of a blonde woman with a brown leather jacket

tiziana is beautiful woman from switzerland, who migrated to the united states and wanted headshots for acting. she wanted to start a career in the movies. price was not an issue. she is slim and tall and has a unique look and a carefree way to express herself. a very nice tan and an inviting smile. we […]

headshots of a teen actor in dc

headshot of a teen actress in dc in a long sleeve blue t-shirt and a youthful smile

I booked actor headshots for this teen girl but she wasn’t sure if acting may be the shorter path to becoming a star. her mom came with her grand dad who is a seasoned actor who had played a few tv roles. he was relocating to washington dc. so he needed updated headshots to send out […]