acting headshots of a young man in dc

acting headshot of a man with white shirt with his head tilted and a curious look acting headshot of a man with white shirt and a curious look headshot of a young actor with white shirt leaning his head playfully

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I booked this shoot on a september month hot on the heels of a slow august. this client had just relocated to washington dc from california and was looking to pick up a few acting gigs. a very tall guy and handsome. as it sometimes happens he was split between acting headshots and modeling headshots.

he only brought a couple of changes of shirts. one shirt was a stark white. this is a scenario that I’ve been used to. having to photograph a white guy in a white shirt against a white backdrop. anybody will tell you it’s boring and ‘how you’re gonna do it?’ I say ‘watch!’ on a typical setup, I make sure that the white shirt falls within the exposure range. with the lighting, I adjust the contrast and if I get my subject far enough from the backdrop, I don’t have much to worry about because it’s gonna get darker.

once that got taken care of, I asked him if he wanted to play any music. he had brought his iphone. so hooking it up to the stereo system was providing enough loud noise to keep him entertained. was considering getting started on acting. he found sharpfocus photography website on google and sent me email to check for availability. I just started using the studio arto in rockville, so he was gonna be my first client in the new setting.

he’s young dynamic and not shy at all. it was just a question of setting the lights right to get enough contrast and shading. then, it was his turn to shine. give me his best poses and change and change. he was very comfortable changing expressions and was taking instructions quite well. he had come with his mom but I didn’t realize it until the end of the shoot. we had to introduce ourselves. take care of payment. and I promised to send them the link to the pictures the same evening.
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