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headshot of a black teen actor in dc with tilted head if you’re looking for a headshot photographer in dc for actor, corporate  and business, model photography and portraits, sharpfocus studio in washington dc is a good choice. the focus is on you to deliver great headshots that show your identity and help you make a difference without having to pay a high price for your pictures.

actors headshots

with sharpfocus photography, you get useful tips on how to take headshots that help you get noticed. if you’re auditioning for film or theater, all the hints give you the chance to stand out when you send your pictures to castings. wouldn’t you rather work with a photographer who can reveal your character?

  acting headshot of a man with light purple shirt looking at the camera with his head tilted and a smile headshot of a female teen actor in dc with a great smile actor's headshot of a black man in dc for tv audition

corporate headshots

if you’re in a business where image matters,  you need professional pictures. for career promotions, business applications or corporate branding, sharpfocus photography focuses on you to capture headshots that show your core values and inspire trust.

corporate headshot of an executive woman in dc wearing glasses headshot of a young executive in washington dc with a black shirt smiling headshot of a female realtor in a classy light pink jacket with her head tilted and smiling

model photography

when you submit photos to modeling agencies, they want to see from your headshots and body shots if you have what it takes to be a model. that is great looks and a slim figure. at sharpfocus photography you get great shots that show your assets in order to get you noticed. it’s your best choice to shoot pictures that meet modeling requirements.

head shots
headshot of a model in dc with blonde hair and a beautiful smile headshot of an ethiopian model with curly hair and natural look headshot of a model with dramatic makeup wearing a lavender lace dress.
body shots
full body picture of a male model with blue shirt and yellow shorts half body shot of a model for agency submission picture of a teen model in tank top and tight jeans

personal portraits

for portraits to grab attention, the key is the ability to show a photograph that is uniquely you. a personal message about how you want the world to see you. to capture that moment of truth is my pursuit when I look through the viewfinder. you gets advice on what to wear and hints for the best poses to deliver great pictures. if you need a portrait photographer in dc, you cannot make a better choice. I have been delivering a lot of smiles lately!

  makeover portrait of a lady with makeup and a big smile portrait of a middle aged white man with blue suit and burgundy bow tie portrait of a black woman in washington dc wearing a black slip dress in diffused lighting

sharpfocus offers headshots for actors, corporate executives and models. if you’re a business professional or freelancer in need of photos for promotion or a model looking for a headshot photographer, you’ve come to the right place. if your success depends on your image, the focus is on you. you’re guaranteed to get noticed. you get unique snapshots that show you in the best possible light. you get photographs that have a personal look and set you apart from the competition.