dc headshots photographer

if you’re looking to find a photographer in dc for headshots, sharpfocus delivers excellence in corporate, actors, model photography and portraits most photographers in washington dc cannot match.

corporate headshots

if you’re a business executive looking for corporate headshot photography,  or professional headshots for job applications or promotion, sharpfocus captures images that show your core values and help your branding.

  • professional headshot of a female realtor
  • business headshot for a young professional in dc
  • female reporter headshot for bio

actors headshots

if you need an actor’s headshot for an audition or casting, sharpfocus will give you the added confidence to clinch the role.

female actors

  • headshot of actress jenny allen
  • headshot of a young woman actor with blue eyes and a big smile
  • actor headshot of a woman aspiring actress in dc

male actors

  • actor's headshot of a black man in dc wearing a suit and tie
  • headshot of a budding black male actor in dc
  • headshot of a young aspiring actor in dc looking straight

child actors

  • headshot of a cute child actor with a smile
  • headshot of a teen actress with a hint of a smile
  • headshot of a young female actor looking surprised

teen actors

  • headshot of a young black actor in dc
  • headshot of a white teen actor with a smile
  • headshot of a teen actor with long hair smiling

modeling headshots

if you need model headshots as well as full body shots for agency submissions, join the many young aspiring models who put their trust in sharpfocus.

female models

  • picture of an african model with flower dress
  • picture of a curvy model for catalog
  • picture of model with fun colors in a clean looking pose

male models

  • picture of a black male model in kneeling pose
  • half body shot of a white male model with casual look
  • picture of an editorial male model with unbutttoned shirt looking at the camera

young aspiring models

  • headshot of an aspiring teen model looking candidly at the camera
  • picture of a teen asian model sitting on a chair
  • headshot of a teen actress with leather jacket

personal portraits

if you want portraits for personal use, for social media or for dating profiles, this is the package for you.

  • portrait of a female author for book cover
  • portrait of a man in suit and bowtie adjusting his glasses
  • personal portrait of an indian lady for online matrimonials

sharpfocus offers corporate and actors headshots as well as model headshots and fashion photography. business executives, actors and models come to sharpfocus for professional headshots. you too, will find that very special attention to showing you in the best possible light. the images have a unique look that puts the focus back to where it belongs:  you.

if you need a photographer in dc for  headshots you will feel great about, you cannot make a better choice.

sharpfocus – the ultimate dc headshot photographer.